new business starting up,what about your marketing & sales planning ?

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Phoenix ONE ‘s role in new business startups is planning YOUR needs, determining YOUR potential, and evaluating YOUR risks. Over the years we have learned, most new business owners will encounter the same or similar problems and issues. The reason, they will incorrectly estimate the size of their market, ability to capture market attention, and of course their course of actions. Many will overspend budgets, loose valuable time, and exhaust their confidence.  As each of them face those problems, how and when they react is the most important decision they will make in the lifetime of their business. You must have someone with experience and let them evaluate your Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Obstacles to market and success– BEFORE you launch. We may even consider a “soft launch” before a “hard launch”, this allows adjustment and reassessment of a plan of attack. Putting a business, marketing and sales plan together at the outset is not as expensive as you may think. And without question, fact is you will save a minimum of 25% of your first year’s operating expenses by doing so.

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