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recommended small businesstools and platforms to help your business to grow

There are tons of fantastic free small business tools out there that help a small business manage, market, and socialize their company. Some have been around for a while, others are on the newer side, but they all help small businesses be more productive. Here is a look at a few of the best, in fact we use every one of these tools at Phoenix ONE.


Small Business Tools Productivity 

Google APPS is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

 Google Apps for Business →
Small Business Tools Trends Marketing

Just in case you need a new search tool, Google has added one. It’s called Top Charts and it’s a part of the Google Trends project.

 Top Charts →Google Trends →
Small Business Tools for Online Marketing

If you like Google’s Webmaster Tools, then you’ll likely find Bing’s new Webmaster Tools helpful. Some of these look like they’re mirrored or modeled after Google’s tools. And they probably are. But that doesn’t matter if they’re helpful.

Bing Webmaster Tools→
Small Business Tools for Organization

Evernote, Aa free, amazing suite of products and services designed to transport note taking and archiving into the 21st century. I take almost all of my notes in Evernote on my laptop or on scraps of paper that I scan with my iPhone. After a whiteboard session, I’ll snap a photo of the board and upload it — where I can search my barely legible chicken scratch without transcribing a thing. That article I don’t have time to read? Evernote.

Evernote for Business →
Small Business Tools for Social Media Hootsuite for Social Media  Small business can be built business on the back of social media, and HootSuite is our favorite social management tool. Manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more all from one dashboard. You can setup alerts and tags, incorporate analytics, and auto-schedule posts and Tweets so that friends don’t think you’re a total dork for sending out messages at 11PM on a Saturday. There are other tools out there, but HootSuite is pretty solid — and it’s free.

HootSuite for Social Media→
Small Business Tools for Surveys

Need to Reach a Targeted Audience?
Looking for the right people to fill out your survey? Meet Survey Monkey Audience, home to millions of qualified respondents ready to take your surveys and give you the feedback you need to make better decisions. Survey Monkey.

Survey Monkey →

Small Business Tools for Storage & Backups

Dropbox is a cloud-storage service that lets you access and sync files across all your devices. While Dropbox only offers 2 GB of initial free storage (Google Drive and SkyDrive offer more), it expands free storage up to 16 GB free for referrals. Dropbox offers native support for Linux and Blackberry, as well as Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Up to 100gb available

 Dropbox Cloud Storage→

Small Business Tools for Video

WEVideo Today’s marketing relies on cross-channel and cross-media deliverables. Video is one of the best ways to engage your audience, and WeVideo makes it easy. This collaborative tool lets your team co-create professional looking video that everyone (with permission) can view, revise, and build on. 

WEVideo→ Create the right video for your business

Small Business Tools for Infographics

PiktochartDoes your marketing tool chest include infographics? Back away from the PowerPoint, my friend, because Piktochart is easier to use and easier on the eye. This Web tool features excellent design (120+ theme templates) and powerful editing to create striking infographics

Pikcochart →

Small Business Tool for Mind Mapping Ideas

Mind42 is a top-notch, Web-based mind-mapping tool that propels collaboration to the next level. Brainstorm your next marketing campaign, take content creation from concept to dozens of deliverables, and turn ideas into tangible plans of action.

Mind42 →

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