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We are specialized in small business consulting for NJ small business. Phoenix ONE works HANDS ON with NJ small business owners, we provide cost-effective sales, marketing and management consulting services. We understand what it is like to build a business from the ground up; we understand the worries, the sleepless nights, and the challenges that every small business owner is faced with daily. We work with startups to make certain your risk in going forward is reduced by our experience and knowledge. Most of all, we understand small business budgets still need big business programs

we level the playing field to give small business a competitive advantage


“Most small business owners spend more, and in fact, too much time working in their business, doing the work’. In turn, they spend too little time in growing the business! Unless you change this cycle your ability to grow the business, increase sales and revenues is restricted to simply the hours in your work day. . . . As a new business owner, small business owner, or someone just starting a business your most critical assets are time and moneyyou cannot waste either!”

– Bill Simmel, CEO of Phoenix ONE – Business Marketing Presentation at SCORE Small Business Workshop, Newark, NJ 2011

As a NJ business owner, you probably struggle with time management, “there is never enough hours in the day to do all that needs doing”. Each day you juggle all the issues in your business and a variety of constantly changing priorities. At the same time, you are looking to increase sales and profits without adding overhead. Each time you consider all that needs to be done, you just go back to doing what you do best operating the business. Bill Simmel, Phoenix ONE CEO calls this “the business running you, not you running the business”. In turn, you hire a consultant to assist you. The last thing you need is that consultant walking in the door, telling you all the things YOU should be doing, all the things YOU need to improve, and then handing YOU a bill and walking out YOUR door. Unlike these consultants or consulting firms, Phoenix ONE delivers a NJ mall business marketing consultant, we develop with you a plan, strategy, budget and a program. Next, we work for you in your business, assisting you and “walking the walk”. We are the talent and muscle you need to grow or get unstuck.

Phoenix ONE specializes in small business owners and entrepreneurs that want growth, new business startups, people planning a new business or a small business that is stalled. Our agency can provide small business owners with guidance and actual services to target their market and increase sales. We believe in one thing. . .RESULTS. view client testimonials →

We provide NJ small business with the highest level of small business marketing services, small business marketing solutions for both traditional small business marketing strategies, and small business internet marketing. As marketing consultants, we know your budgets are limited, your needs are great – our marketing programs unlike other consultants or consulting firms, can be tailored as incentive driven. Unlike large businesses, your small business must be provided with cost-effective marketing and core directed sales and selling strategies to achieve results fast. We know you need to grow sales, spending the least amount of capital to do so. You may want to consider our small business coaching services→


 as a nj small business do you feel the need to improve sales & margins, but are unsure how, or

contact us today to for a free consultation on growing and improving your business  877.934.5447 x84

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