it’s only small when, you view it that way. . .

Small Business Guidance and Advice


Phoenix ONE provides small business guidance with a unique insight into new business startups and creating marketing plans and sales planning. In analyzing all new business “ideas”; Phoenix ONE adds the following guidelines to determine if the “idea” truly represents a “valid” business opportunity. Once your “idea” is validated, we do all the work in preparing plans, working models, and definitive studies. Phoenix ONE can provide business startup sales and marketing management to launch the new enterprise, or act as a trusted and valued advisor providing additional insight and guidance to your new business startup. Our fees can also be structured as “incentive based” on the success of your business.

Phoenix ONE provides marketing & business plans, guidance  & advice for startups and small businesses., we can assist you with each step you take.

all new business startup “ideas” must  have or be able to provide:

next, the following questions must be answered:

Is the business able to pull together the people and resources to “pull it off” before the “window of your opportunity” closes?

next, we start with the customer and the market in mind. we one will analyze the market to determine:

next, phoenix one “plain talk questions”, we work with and look to evaluate your new business startup and set the stage for functioning business plans and marketing plans and an effective, efficient, economic business launch. 

Once Phoenix ONE completes this initial brainstorming / audit session we will develop a Business Plan and Marketing Plan, and a NEW BUSINESS STARTUP MODEL based on our concept

Small Business Guidance and Advice

Phoenix ONE will develop your ideas to strategic planning and business models to provide your new business startup with the ultimate opportunity for success. Phoenix One can provide a formalized business plan and marketing plan for new businesses for submittal to investors or the SBA to seek funding for your startup.

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