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selling skills workshops & nj sales training, that develops “clients for life, not customers for price” ™

1 day workshop | multi-day training  |  4  hours of power  |  2 hour motivational talk

as a nj sales training  company we provide real world sales training and empowement to your team, GUARANTEED

we will work you weeks before your event and understand your needs and goals – from this meeting we will develop a program just for your business.

Sales Training NJ And Sales Workshops Sales Training and Sales Workshops

 a few of our workshop goals for your team:

  • Understand the Selling Cycle vs The Buying Cycle
  • Show Them How To Get a Verbal Handshakes to Close Sales
  • Stop Wasting Their Time on “Dead Customers”
  • Make Your Sales Team More Productive in Allocating Their Energies Into Time Management
  • Provide Them With a Process to Close Deals Faster and Easier
  • Gain Repeat Business
  • Increase Sales for Your Company
  • Increase Their Value to You

Phoenix ONE provides hands-on, results-based sales training programs and workshops on a variety of front-line selling and sales management topics. Our interactive sales training workshops go beyond theory, providing sales teams with the skills, strategies and support they need to create long-lasting, company change. Phoenix One offers fundamental sessions for new sales staff, refresher courses for veteran sales representatives, as well as advanced programs that “drill down” on topics in greater detail and address higher-level thinking about sales and business development. We can train your staff anywhere.

phoenix one “make it stick” – nj sales training programs and workshops

We knows that training alone will not give you the results you need. That is why weeks before your program is to take place, we will work with your managers to understand what problems you are having, what issues are you sales people dealing with, and what individuals should get “extra attention” that day. We also work around your products and services, giving examples during the session of YOUR issues, not widgets. We make certain your entire team enjoys the day and process. We have learned by making sales training fun and exciting, it becomes productive and useful. Your sales team is more likely to walk away feeling energized, empowered and self-confident, when they discover we teach what we learned in the field, under the pressure and not from a “text-book” or an affiliated training course.

True sales training results come from Phoenix ONE’s Unique Sales Training NJ Workshop Agenda and Process:

Situation Assessment We require your time before the event. We probe with you via an initial consultation and determine your current process, your goals as a company,  your goals for your team, and what your team needs to focus on. We learn about you and your people to assist us in providing a dedicated workshop and agenda for our customized training programs for you. This does not cost you anything more, but it provides us with the things we must know to best help you.
Beyond “Taking-Notes” Involvement Unlike other NJ Sales Trainers, Phoenix One involves your sales team before the training with surveys and pre-work issues that they are currently experience. Phoenix One uses Your REAL WORLD problems in the training programs. What good is a sales or selling skills workshop if it is not about you and your team? We roll up our sleeves and present a workshop that solves problems, provides new ways of thinking and new ideas in facing your customers and market.
Personalized Workshops About You Your NJ sales team will work on their own real-world problems during Phoenix One ‘s sales training workshops. As part of our initial consultation we work with you to understand your team’s issues. It is those issues that we center around during our workshop. We want your people involved in the workshop with the issues they are currently facing in their market. We do not talk about “widgets” in our workshop! We talk about your products, your customers, and your issues; then we work with your people to increase your brand and sales. Our selling skills workshops are about you and your company.
Interactive Participation Workshop Your NJ sales training will involve open dialog, role-playing and small-group sessions. Each workshop is just that a Work Shop – not a sit back and take notes session. We want your people involved in the seminar and talk about their daily activities. We want your sales team to understand, the value of getting out of their “comfort zone”, the value in not “wasting time on prospects that may never buy”, and understanding  the purpose and goals with every sales call they make.
Follow-up Consultations You will learn new methods how to support your sales team and allow them to stay focused on their new skills. As part of all  Phoenix ONE sales training we provide 2 hours for 2 months of Free telephone consultations to assist in your team’s and the company’s growth. We stay with you long after the training program is over. We can even provide a tune–up sessions to expand on the “what’s happening in the field now. 
Continued Personalized Support Your team will have access to Phoenix One’s trainers to answer questions long after we leave your facility.Each of your team will be given our toll-free number and the direct line to the team trainer. They will provide answers to your team on any issues they may encounter while applying their skill sets in the field. Selling assistance and training long after the seminar is over.

Your local, regional or national sales force will become immediately more productive at their jobs and be more effective in their communications. The proven results increase top line revenue, better margins, and lower operating costs.Phoenix ONE ‘s on site sales training workshops will help your global, national, or local sales team develop a series of powerful custom sales presentations that lead existing and prospective customers to take immediate action. We will increase your sales staff’s selling skills by having them practice and implement practical, usable sales skills specifically tailored to apply to your organization’s customer acquisition process.

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0ur nj sales training workshops & seminars are GUARANTEED

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