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Are you aware of the 5 P’s of marketing? You have always heard about 4 P’s (Price, Position, Placement, Promotion. What about the 5th? Perception. Phoenix ONE marketing has created this 5th P, because in today’s buying culture and cycle it is essential. How is your company, product, service and even team perceived in the market? We recreate and/or enhance your market perception into value then into customers.

If you answered NO to any of these questions your marketing plan needs an overhaul. Phoenix ONE marketing can help you answer each of these questions in detail and formulate a marketing and sales management strategy to help you maximize your marketing investments.

your company’s power marketing plan & sales strategies

phoenix one marketing power position plan


Perception is a critical component of doing business, yet few companies talk about it. Phoenix ONE marketing has exclusively developed the concept of Perception into the basic marketing components. Perception is understanding the facts on how your current products or services are perceived by your audience. The Good is Perception Becomes Reality, The Bad is Perception Becomes Reality – – How are you perceived? We turn the good into better and the bad into good. With the advent of social media and word of mouth, perception is a critical piece of your marketing efforts.

phoenix one will develop for you a power marketing plan

A strategic marketing plan is a critical component to all successful businesses. Phoenix ONE will work with you to clearly define your target market to enhance both short and long term goals. We develop your company’s marketing strategies to effectively communicate the unique value proposition of your products and services. Phoenix ONE will develop with you and for you a marketing plan that not only gets you results it will return significant return on your investment. Our plan always examines that recreates your 5 P’s into a powered presentation to your target audience and current customers.


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