0ur job – enhance your position for your products & services in a targeted arena

We increase your position with customers by developing, enhancing and power marketing your brand. Our goal is to create brand awareness, a unique value proposition and key perceptions in the mind of your target market and existing customers to increase sales. We do the work, you get the results!

phoenix_power_position1 To be successful, YOUR company MUST differentiate Itself and YOUR Products from All Other Competitors, thus obtaining a unique position in the marketplace. Phoenix One develops marketing ideas, concepts and materials to provide your company, brands and services a unique place in the market.After all, if you cannot differentiate your products from your competitors’; how do you expect the same of customers – who are much less familiar with the products and the market?We take your business as seriously as we take our own.Our mission is to create a Marketing Plan to increase sales at the lowest cost possible and provide the largest return on your marketing investment.Phoenix ONE will reach in your business and organization and determine how to increase your power position. Your power position is your power share (strongest positions of brand and service) of your target market. We then develop an executable timely marketing plan to:Counteract your competitors

  • Increase the number of potential customers listening to your message
  • Refine you message until it resonates with your target audience
  • Increase the volume of the message
  • Increase the frequency of the message
  • Resonate your Unique Value Proposition to your target market
  • Develop internal systems to follow-up effectively and effciently


Phoenix One will analyze your market, customers, competitors, and sales channels and review with you a complete analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and competitive pressures.Phoenix One Marketing will create a Sales Plan and Marketing Blueprint.The Market Blueprint, Phoenix One Marketing creates will provide you with a variety of approaches to estimating market demand, analyzing buyer behavior, exploring competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating new product ideas.The Sales Plan provides the roadmap to achieve sales growth. Phoenix One Sales will match your sales and growth objectives to the right marketing program elements. Our goal is to increase sales at a profitable level.

at the end of the day, we do the work & you get results

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