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The marketing + sales management value chain is Phoenix ONE ‘s unique concept that mixes and matches the right marketing components and strategic sales solutions to your company’s specific situation. Cost effective, time efficient and success driven are the keys to phoenix one marketing solutions and business planning.

If you’re a start-up or launching a new product, you’ll want to immediately focus on generating qualified leads through a variety of guerilla marketing techniques that include Direct Marketing, E-marketing, and Sales campaigns.Phoenix One Marketing works with you to develop those sales leads and sales prospectors

If you’re already established in the industry, you’ll want to increase your mind-share by building your products, brands and services through a more comprehensive program. We provide marketing solutions and sales planning mangement systems to build market share for your brands, products and services. Read about our CEO, Bill Simmel  and understand, experience in all we do.Overview of the components of the Phoenix One Marketing + Sales Management Value Chain include:

we develop a strategic analysis of your business and market

All businesses, regardless of size, can gain great value and intelligence from our view of what you are doing, how you do it and what that means to you and your market. We take a snap shot of where you were, where you are and consider where you want to go. Phoenix ONE works and develops ideas plans / guidance to focus on your strengths. Shore up your weaknesses. Capitalize on your opportunities. Recognize your threats. And in all our engagements we just do not leave you with these ideas and concepts. We work with you and for you to enhance and grow your business, your people and your profit. As in all we do, results are what matter.

Strategic Planning Analysis

Phoenix One Marketing will review your existing marketing plans to help determine what’s missing or we can develop a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan that describes what you want to achieve and the steps that you need to take to get there.

SWOT Planning & Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses Obstacles and Tactics – We review with you each of these key marketing criteria that affects your business in the short-term and long-term. Phoenix ONE’s Sales and Marketing Solutions provide you the means to formulate a unique strategic plan to meet your marketing challenges.

any business regardless of size will benefit from our services

We Can Provide COMPLETE Marketing and Sales Management, but We Only Provide What You Need and We Can Show You Return on Investment we can build an entire business plan, sales plan and marketing plan to plan, build, grow and manage your business. But before we develop sales and marketing materials and planning it is essential we develop a STRATEGIC FOCUS for your business. While, catalogs, brochures, websites, email campaigns and other sales / marketing presentations are wonderful they should ONLY be done with:

  • Strategic Purpose
  • Sales Objectives
  • Cost Effective Budgeting
  • Your Organization’s Ability to Provide Internal Support for the Results

Phoenix ONE goes beyond just marketing – we always provide a strategic partnership with clients to understand and work towards your short and long-term goals; we always keep cost and budget in mind. The best brochure or website will not provide any benefit if you cannot afford the costs associated with it. We know what a budget is and how hard all business works for profit.

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