our unique customer profiling for your target audience & customers for lead generation

Phoenix One marketing lead generation

we develop target lists & prospects for you. . .

√ Attract and engage more potential customers
√ Distinguish between sales-ready leads and unqualified prospects
√ Develop and nurture curious prospects into knowledgeable buyers
√ Deliver more high-quality leads to the sales team with our lead generation solutions

our unique methods profile your target audience & customers

Phoenix ONE’s PROSPECT-or™ will literally mine your current target market and create a customer and prospect database. We will then work to determine which of your customers are your best and worst by our customer profiling method. We will then create profiles to MINE YOUR MARKET for additional potential customers and leads.

From the information gathered we will identify your TARGET MARKET and the most promising prospects, assess how well you’ve targeted them, recommend optimal sales-territory balancing, and analyze how effectively your marketing generated leads and your leads generate sales. We develop the data base and then “mine & market it to develop customers. You know without a constant refilling of your sales funnel, your business is at high risk for growth or sustainability!


Stage 1 of prospect-OR™ does the following:

  1. Customer Segmentation: Differentiate among your best and worst customers; identify cross-selling opportunities within your customer base.
  2. Market Penetration: Determine how well you’ve penetrated your target markets and see where your greatest opportunities lie.
  3. Territory Balancing: Determine how to deploy your sales force or distributors equitably
  4. Response Analysis: Determine if your sales and marketing programs are attracting qualified leads.
  5. Conversion Analysis: See what types of customers tend to become repeat customers, or what types of leads historically become customers.
strategic prospect-OR ™ marketing + selling

Phoenix ONE will create a prospect list based on OUR database analysis, further define your target using industry demographics, and identify key decision-makers. We will then create a Sales and Marketing Funnel to agressively pursue target accounts. We will create a marketing plan and budget (also with your means in mind) to develop your brand for products and services in the targeted prospects. We look to take prospects from the marketing phase into the sales phase, so you may close new business.


Stage 2 of prospect-OR™ does the following:

  1. Create Prospect Lists: After customer database analysis, identify the best prospects that are similar in demographics to your best customers.
  2. Targeting: Further target prospects by standard demographics such as industry, number of employees, sales and others.
    Contact Information:
  3. Provide contact information on specific decision-makers such as purchasing executives and staff, engineers, management, and other personnel.
  4. Delivery: Will deliver data via e-mail, disk, and printed report. our CRM soltuion →

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