How We Develop a Plan for You

Phoenix ONE’s Marketing Review Methods begin with an in-depth marketing and sales discovery process in which we ask you many thought provoking questions about your business. Phoenix One then builds your marketing program on a solid foundation of strategy and planning, combined with appropriate brand awareness activity and account management functionality.The capstone phase of Phoenix ONE ‘s methodology is then provided in the lead generation phase. With this proven methodology, Phoenix ONE Marketing gives you the tools to dramatically increase your customer and/or revenue base.

Phoenix ONE Methodology to Expand Your Business, 
Phase I – Discovery Session

This is a brainstorming session between principals and/or key employees of your company and Phoenix One. Our goal is to clearly define your company’s message, unique value proposition and differentiators. More important, Phoenix One Marketing Discovery Sessions help to build the framework for your Business, Marketing and Tactical Plans. Phoenix One Marketing Discovery Sessions usually include, but are not limited to, discussions on any of the following areas:

Phase II – Strategy & Tactical Planning

During this phase of the program, Phoenix ONE Sales and Marketing team will assist your company with the development of the business, marketing and/or tactical plans for each stated objective. We know that tactical plans are especially important as they help you to effectively manage projects in progress. The purpose of all the aforementioned plans is to manage the expectations of all parties affiliated with the objective and our marketing engagement and management services. At your direction, we can take either a lead or consulting role in the development of these marketing. Incentive based programs may be considered.


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Phase III – Brand Awareness & Development

Brand Awareness is divided into three distinct parts: Image Development, Marketing Communications and Target Market Awareness. These programs are the most well known of marketing activities. To ensure success, you need to carefully integrate these activities in order to maintain proper messaging and what your brand represents.

Part 1 – Image Development. Image Development is defined as building the company’s identity, i.e., the company’s brand and message for public awareness. The creative aspect of these programs runs quickly, and costs are primarily centered on production of the new materials. Image Development is usually completed in a matter of weeks. Initial Image Development includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Part 2 – Marketing Communications. Marketing Communications services are the most commonly deployed of marketing programs. They represent the first step in delivering the Company’s new image and message to the public. Deliverables in this phase include, but are not limited to, promotional materials such as:

Part 3 – Target Market Awareness. Target Awareness campaigns focus on “getting the word out” on your company. These programs include specialized areas of marketing such as public relations, advertising, events planning and other forms of positive exposure. These programs are built to build a positive impression of the Company’s brand within the various target markets (customers and prospects in specific verticals) that are identified in the Marketing Plan. Generally, these programs are priced on a retained basis. Target Awareness campaigns include, but are not limited to:

Phase IV – Account Management

Phoenix ONE believes that healthy revenue growth is dependent upon two critical factors: building and maintaining accurate sales and marketing databases, and sustaining a sufficient sales pipeline. To meet these two goals, we offer support for a variety of sales management / customer relationship management solutions including ACT! – and, in fact, we have an ACT! Certified Consultant on staff. We can also provide support for GoldMine and “high end” sales management solutions such as Sales Logix and others. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that works, in your business situation. Our customized account management solution will help you to maintain an updated and accurate customer and prospect database – which will enable you to monitor, manage and report on all your customer contact information. The ultimate goals of this phase are to keep your current customer base happy and to convert your sales prospects into customers!

Phase V – Lead Generation

To help you to sustain healthy revenue growth, Phoenix ONE specializes in developing customized Lead Generation programs that will help you to build a pipeline of qualified prospects. Lead Generation programs vary based upon frequency, scope and resources required and medium used. Our goal is to build a sustainable, ongoing program that is coordinated with your Target Awareness (advertising, internet marketing, direct mail) campaigns. Depending upon your needs and available budget, Phoenix ONE is experienced in building customized lead generation programs that bring results to your bottom

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