outsource your marketing, why you should. . .

outsourcing is not abandoning control, it is acquiring talent, skill sets, resources, and experience

Outsource Marketing with Phoenix ONE Sales and Marketing Management


employing a virtual resource team to gain the greatest advantage possible is
how you effectively and efficiently compete & expand your business today. . .

The decision to outsource your marketing can be both strategic and tactical. Many companies have a philosophy of outsourcing any activity that is not core to their business. For example, developing a positioning strategy may be central to the company; writing a press release may not be. At the tactical level, companies often find themselves strapped for marketing resources to respond to a rapid or unexpected change in the business or perhaps an increased volume of marketing campaigns. Phoenix ONE works with you to determine what is right for your business

Developing your marketing strategy with Phoenix ONE can open new views on your market & competitors, your products or sales and marketing techniques. Outsource marketing enables you to get out of the rush of your day-to-day activities. Outsource marketing helps you build that plan that is of crucial importance to the success of your company. Phoenix ONE’s marketing marketing can reduce your costs and overhead while improving efficiency and time to market – all while delivering superior marketing results. We are a leader in outsource marketing needs for small to mid-sized businesses in all industries.

we develop sales & marketing plans & then handle the execution and management of the plan (s),
we become your virtual oursourced marketing department

We will develop a marketing communication plan that defines the activities and resources to successfully market its products. This will be a multi-tier plan, suggesting actions and activities on Product, Price, Sales Channel (Place), Communication (Promotion) and Perception levels. It will also contain a detailed budget needed to carry out the described activities.

Based on that marketing plan, we can provide all services necessary to carry it out -one call, one source for all your marketing needs. It does not matter what area of the country or even what country, we can go to work for you. We have clients in 28 states and 12 countries including the EU and far east. read about our international associates group →

fees for services vary and are offered in the following formats:

√ Hourly / Daily rate – normally for less clearly defined projects. Phoenix ONE applies an hourly rate based on the time spent. Rates vary with the scope of the project

√ Project (s) Basis – a fixed cost to deliver a clearly defined project (s). This can be of a variety of types of projects from creatives, digital, collaterals, campaigns, redesigns, training, promotions, sales agendas, market studies, and simple” looking under the hood”, mostly our  a la-carte projects.

√ Retainer Basis – Ongoing (1 year) contract, including a 60-day trial period, based on a number of pre- defined activities and estimated cost and time. This collaborative method offers the greatest flexibility for you. It allows the assistance with and execution of clearly defined activities while offering the flexibility to take on, within reason, additional activities and unexpected projects. Phoenix ONE ‘s marketing services will focus on marketing, communications and product marketing. The activities will be described in more detail in a marketing plan that will be written as part of this retainer based collaboration. Phoenix ONE will offer its strategic marketing and product management advice and implement, follow-up and adjust the marketing plan where needed and the activities described in that plan.

√ Incentive Based – we can offer reduced fee with an incentive-based program. A reduced fee project with incentives based on results. Simply stated, “putting our money” into the hands of our mutual success. This plan is normally combined with one of the fee based programs shown above. We accept a lesser fee based on securing results.

Fixed Fee Marketing Audit – we dig deep into your entire marketing programs to determine what you are doing and provide fully deliverable and executible program on what should be done.. These audits generally take 30-45 days and are done on a fixed-fee basis.

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