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We are asked the same question on a regular basis, “How can I get my website to be # 1 on Google?” When, the real question people should be asking is, “How can I increase sales, develop better leads, and grow my business using the Internet?” 

Consider Our Full Response: The internet is a component of an overall marketing platform. Google is segment of that component. Appearing # 1 on search engines for the wrong search terms, then delivering an ineffective message, without ability to capture leads for additional marketing is frustrating to you, costly to your business, and makes little sense. Phoenix ONE understands marketing, the internet, and the entire sales process. We position your business online to grow your sales and profits.

 website without purpose serves NO purpose

Absolutely, NO business regardless of size, products or services, b2b, b2C, can afford not to have a website. A website is the bare minimum your customers, prospects, vendors, potential employers, even your bank expect to see you online. With that said, a poorly designed, ineffective website will do more to hurt your business and a fact is, you may never know it.  Fact the most cost-effective form of advertising, communication and selling is a website combined with a solid internet program.

Today, a website is not only a marketing tool; it is also a communications medium, providing an endless possibility for business and growth. Your company’s home page is the first opportunity you have to introduce your clients to your business. Choosing the right web design company is pivotal for successful completion of your web design endeavor. “Flash and Bling” are not what a website is about! Websites are about content and the visitor’s “what’s in it for me” must be present.Studies show that unless a visitor finds useful information regarding their needs in 5 seconds or less, they are “Google has gone”, probably to a competitor site.

websites are a single component of your online footprint

  • A website is only a component of your business being online.
  • Websites must be combined with other marketing programs
  • Mobile Traffic is the wave of the future with phones and tablets
  • Driving traffic to your website is essential to business growth
  • Website can level the playing field for smaller companies
  • Local search is now a key ingredient to marketing small businesses
  • Word of mouth is now word of mouse – Social Media is here to stay
  • Managing your online brand
  • Social Media Platforms to Increase “Word of Mouth and Mouse-ABILITY”
  • Content Management
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