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Phoenix One International Marketing Consultants


sales, marketing & management consulting

Phoenix ONE provides marketing, sales and business management services for international companies looking to explore, enter or increase the presence in the North American market.

plan your business, or grow your sales.

From market entry to currently stalled joint ventures or non producing sales agreements we can assist in doing the job, the right way.  We have clients throughout North American, the EU, and Far East. 


Do you have a joint venture agreement that is not giving you the results you were pomised ?

Do you have sales agents that over promise and under deliver ?

Do you have distributors who want the “moon” from you, but are unwilling to provide little in return ?

Have you been told the market is—not ready, unavailable, too crowded, or has no demand–for your products ?

Tired of excuses and the miuse of your brand ?

If you are tired of representation agreements, sales agreements or marketing agreements that go no where, we can help. We understand your issues and concerns. We make complex sales and management planning simple. After all, it is about your achieving the results for your penetration and growth







Phoenix ONE Marketing Plans and Sales Planning developed for international companies seeking market entry or sales expansion. Bill Simmel, Phoenix ONE founder will provide you with a confidential interview to explore your market and competitors. Companies seeking to market goods and services can benefit today from Phoenix ONE ‘s competitive overview of your market and sales budgets.

private advisory services

Ideal for senior executives and business owners, Phoenix One ‘s Confidential Strategic Advisory Services include private consulting; trusted advisory services and confidential planning and marketing services to address the big issues your company is facing. Merger and acquisition services including retained searches, seller representation and pre-sale consultations are all handled confidentially by Phoenix One.

  • Phoenix ONE can do a complete Marketing Audit of your North American Operations to determine if your overall corporate goals are being met.
  • Determine if your US Managers are properly executing your objectives for this market.
  • Phoenix ONE can create and implement Private Brand labeling Agreements for your products.
  • Phoenix ONE can examine your competitors for weakness.

Whether it’s time for a major strategy realignment or a simple temperature check, Phoenix ONE International’s Management team can offer the private and confidential, unbiased visionary or tactical perspective that you need to push your business forward.

contact us today for a Free Private Consultation call international 1-201.934.5600 x84 

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