INsights: Productivity Tips to Start Your Day
by Bill Simmel

July 15th, 2014   •   Comments Off on INsights: Productivity Tips to Start Your Day
by Bill Simmel
INsights: Productivity Tips to Start Your Day<BR>by Bill Simmel

start your day with these EZ productivity tips. . .

Your inbox is full, your voice mail box is filling fast, you need to be in 2 places at the same time and your To Do List is turning into “Not Dones”. Unfortunely, for too many executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners this is a “typical day”. You’re currently working 80 hours a week and you feel like each day you are running in mud!

While, many of these issues are a factor of organization, consider these  morning productivity tips to start your day that will make you more effective.

 These tips will not take a great deal of time but will make a world of difference in managing your day and staying productive all day long

START TODAY, and decide you are going to get organized, become more productive and enjoy your work a lot more. Being busy is good and being too busy is harmful to your business.

When it comes to productivity YOU may want to consider Phoenix ONE. . .WE’ve been around the block and can truly help YOU get organized.

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