INsights: What the Hell do “THEY” Know?
by Bill Simmel

August 12th, 2014   •   Comments Off on INsights: What the Hell do “THEY” Know?
by Bill Simmel
INsights: What the Hell do “THEY” Know? <BR>by Bill Simmel

as an entrepreneur, pronouns make a difference. . .

Many times the people closest to YOU are more concerned with keeping the status quo, and not watching YOU go out and “slay dragons while conquering the world.” And you can bet, each time YOUR going gets a little rough or YOU hit a speed bump, YOU of all people start thinking, “I guess THEY were right, THEY told ME it would never work”!  Well, I am hear to a tell YOU, unless THEIR name is Einstein or Google, tell THEM to “shut up.”

If THEY have never done what YOU are attempting to do, how do THEY know the success or failure of YOUR IDEA?  Next, are THEY going to be changed by YOUR success? Many times THEY are in the “know it all business” for everyone other then THEMSELVES. Now, don’t get ME wrong, there is good advice and bad advice, it is up to YOU to distinguish not only what to listen to but to WHOM. But many people take pleasure in the misery of others, yes it’s true. It is so true, the German language has a word for this feeling, schadenfreude (shä-dən-ˌfrȯi-də), pleasure caused by the misfortunes of others. WE all know that feeling, a little sense of relief when bad things happen to THEM and not US. Unfortunately, too many feel comfort in this trait, even to the point where THEY envision back things happening so they can feel good about THEIR being correct.

Bill Simmel Blog and schadenfreude

YOU know the story when YOU start discussing YOUR ideas and YOUR ambitions. YOU tell YOUR best friends or relatives that YOU have a great idea and are thinking of starting a business. First, THEY tell YOU how exciting that is with THEIR sense of wow ant THEIR need to know more. Once, THEY fully listen and YOU tell them about how much work is involved and the risks YOU face. THEY listen ,and then THEY tell YOU, YOU are crazy or some other “out of YOUR mind” adjective.

Now I am not saying never listen to others, listening is very important. The key is

THEY think it will never work and proceeds telling YOU all the reasons why THEY believe it stinks! Now mind YOU, THEY have never been in business for THEMSELVES working a 9-5  jobs with little growth in sight. Even YOUR mom advises YOU not to take the challenge; SHE thinks YOU will be throwing YOUR money away. YOU now second guess YOURSELF, and ponder for days. YOU start to believe THEY are probably right. THEY are looking out for YOUR best interests, not really understanding how much YOU really know or YOUR passion for YOUR idea. THEIR frame of reference is never the same as YOURS. YOU tell YOURSELF, THEY are looking out for YOU. Maybe, YOUR business plan is too aggressive, maybe YOUR long diligent studies of the market and the needs for YOUR offerings are wrong.  When YOU don’t take THEIR advice or tell THEM “THEY  don’t know what THEY are talking about”. . . THEY may feel solace in wanting schadenfreude,

You really need to stop listening to THEM and start listening to YOU. It is YOU building YOUR dream. It is YOU pursuing YOUR goals, and it is YOU doing YOUR work. None of that is THEM. Unfortunately, many of THEM do not want YOU to succeed because, YOUR life will change and THEIR lives will not.  THEY want the status quo and that includes YOU not improving, growing or overcoming obstacles to get out of YOUR status quo. Remember schadenfreude.

When it comes to listening YOU may want to consider US. . .WE’ve been around the block and can truly help YOU.

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