INsight: Lessons from a 10 Year Old, My White Lie
by Bill Simmel

April 2nd, 2014   •   Comments Off on INsight: Lessons from a 10 Year Old, My White Lie
by Bill Simmel
INsight: Lessons from a 10 Year Old, My White Lie<BR>by Bill Simmel

a teaching moment for me, from a 10 year old. . .

Yesterday, I was talking with my 10-year old granddaughter. We were discussing her third grade class and her teacher. She mentioned the teacher always gives them Lessons, and always talks about Following the Rules. She asked”Poppi (affectionate term for me, blushing, you do realize it would not be so sweet to have her call me Bill, so Poppi it is) “What is the difference between Rules and Lessons?”

I explained lessons are for learning and rules are what and how we apply “the things” we are required to do or people expect us to do. Lessons teach us things, and we are given Rules to follow for things we do. If we learn from our lessons we can expand our ability to correctly do things; and, if we follow the rules that are in place for our own good, we can expect to be successful. She then asked, “Popi,in your business do people always follow the Rules and do they learn from their Lessons” ? I thought to myself now here is one of those “life’s teaching moments”, for me not her!!Bill Simmel Business Insights Little White Lies

I told her she just gave me an idea, I will make it a RULE for all my clients to learn from their Lessons and follow the Rules. She then got a very concerned look and asked “ will they “ . . .I thought to myself now is a good time for one of those little white GrandPa lies. I chuckled and said to her “Of course they will, they always do “, her smile said it all.

The thing I did NOT mention to her, the Lessons I learned in my lifetime taught me that grownups do not always follow the Rules, and worse, many times they never learn from their Lessons. UNFORTUNATELY, someday she will discover that on her own! But for now it is important she learn her lessons on her own and follow the rules.

“In school you are given lessons to take tests. In business and life, we take tests and learn our leassons. Unfortunately, many times, we in the business world learn our lessons the hard way. Don’t worry, those are normally the BEST lessons we learn.”  They key is LEARN.

Are you learning the lessons in your business, market and from employees? Are your clients following your rules? Need a hand?  Promise, No Lying, just great advice.

Bill Simmel

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