INsight: Marketing in a 396 World
by Bill Simmel

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by Bill Simmel
INsight: Marketing in a 396 World <BR> by Bill Simmel

if you’re not educating your targeted prospects,
then who is?

In today’s world  people are online  396 (24+7+365), many view traditional marketing as an interruption.They are looking for information on products, services, solutions and improvement in their lives and businesses. This may be brand driven, product driven or simply answering their question “how can I improve this xxxxxx, way of doing things.” Now, this hard fact may be tough to swallow, most customers could care less about you or your business! They are only concerned about one thing. . .What’s in for them – Economics (price), a Solution, an Advantage –  How can they better their lives improve a process or better yet solve a “nagging problem”. These are all about their wants, desires or needs, NOT about you. I don’t blame them, I understand them. Customers aren’t  concerned about you, and won’t be either, for as long as you pound your business chest with your  “messages and marketing campaigns,” you are just carrying out interruption marketing. Let me state in this way, many times you are spending your marketing dollars to tick off your potential customers. How so?

FACT: Consumer education will outperform all other marketing ROI. It is easier to make a prospect be more interested in their needs and a solution that all the features and benefits you feel you offer and making yourself interesting.  Having the right message for the right audience is necessary to penetrate all the “white noise” online.  interruption marketing is so outdated


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What is interruption marketing. . .The traditional model of product promotion, in which people have to stop what they’re doing to pay attention  to the marketing message or deal with it in some other way.

Examples of interrupt marketing include:

  • Telemarketing calls
  • Mail campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Television and radio ads

Let’s face it you know what I am talking about, how often your day is interrupted by an “annoying ad”! Is the ad annoying, only in the sense it interrupted your thought pattern at a time when you had NO desire, need or want to be INTERRUPTED.

The opposite is Discover-Ability Marketing. . . the practice of making it easier for customers or potential customers to find products when they are actively looking for them or have demonstrated a need for them. The two criteria we prepare for any client is their Discover-Ability ( be found online for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS), Web-ABILITY (does their online footprint provide them the ability to fill their potential space online. Without knowing your Online-Ability  your business WILL NOT succeed in the long-term.  

So what is important in this world of 396 marketing? A Digital Marketing Platform, sounds like one only big companies, but it is not. EVERY business (large,small, mom and pop, online or brick and mortar)  must initiate their own platform to be found, heard and of course, create a beneficial transaction for your business. Here is a simple overview of what is recommended [ click on any image to enlarge view]

why and goals

Bill Simmel Insight to Digital Marketing

 no longer just the 4p’s of marketing, consider 

Bill Simmel Marketing Insight to 4 C's of Phoenix ONE Digital Marketing

 the foundation 


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Digital marketing can provide you with new ways or in other cases expanded means to market to your target audience without the interruption. It is ESSENTIAL for providing product solutions, branding and of course increasing revenue. Dollar for dollar it provides the highest ROI on marketing dollars. And by the way, a website is not digital marketing. . .”build it and they will come” doesn’t work in todays’ Google world and digital lifestyle.

-Bill Simmel

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