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Todays’ distributor market is more competitive than ever. National chains, big box stores and even manufacturers (selling direct) create pressures for your business. Your marketing plans and your message is now more important than ever. You cannot simply count on the “good ol boys” continuing to buy from you. The profile of your customers has changed and they no longer support local distribution the way they once did. You know that, and we know that so we are you doing about it?

As an distributor do you feel the need to improve your sales, marketing and communications but are unsure how?

Phoenix One Sales Management and M arketing Solutions for industrial distributors are designed to improve industrial sales results, generate strong brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. on site traditional industrial marketing solutions, industrial sales planning combined with eBusiness strategies. Phoenix ONE will develop focused industrial distribution business plans, industrial distributor marketing programs and industrial sales plans to achieve your goals. industrial distributors can benefit from our industrial distributor sales plans and industrial distributor marketing plans. read how we execute →

Industrial Distribution Marketing by Phoenix ONE

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