IEC 309, IEC 60309  Pin & Sleeve Sales & Marketing Industry Guide, VOL 4, 2014 NEW 

EC 309, IEC 60309 Pin and Sleeve Wiring Devices Sales and Marketing Guide

This is a limited subscription and will sell out fast. Includes Full Industry IEC 60309 Pin and Sleeve Update with a Detailed Channel Maps Key Accounts Using Pin & Sleeve Products, Mechanical Interlock Enclosures, & Motor Load Disconnect Switches

Jump the competition with our IEC 60309 Pin and Sleeve Guide

NEW Subscriptions Available in Fall 2015 Fully Revised
UPDATED Sections Featuring

*** NEW discover how to source and build this unique combination units in non-metallic enclosures

Ordering Begins  November 17th, 2015  ** Distribution is Limited ** – Please Contact Us to Pre-Order a Copy

Current Clients may log i n to receive a preview of what is sure to be the #1 Worldwide Resource for IEC 309,  IEC 60309 Plugs and Connectors; IEC 60309-2  Industrial Wiring Devices ,including,cable assemblies, international cable assemblies, mechanical interlocks, interlock receptacles, disconnect switches. Wiring device manufacturers, distributors and marketers can use this Guide to increase sales, capture market share, develop new products and review the competitive landscape. The database alone will jumpstart your marketing. Quarterly updates will follow. You no longer need to guess the size of the market and the companies that comprise it. SWOT analysis of the major companies, products and the OEM’s, end-user customers that comprise this market. Included is an analysis of the power drop cords and cable assemblies for  OEM equipment, emphasis to fast food kitchen equipment for all world-wide markets. 

EC 309 60309 Sales and Marketing Guide for 2014-2015


Applications & Primary Markets

  • UL Standard 1686 C1 Configurations and Manfacturers’ Interchangeability-Developments with Caveats
  • International Wiring Devices with major end users and OEM’s
  • Fast Food – Equipment Companies and End-User Specs incl. Contacts
  • Factory Installations and Applications of Interlocks
  • Shipboard and Shipyard Applications Plugs and Interlock Receptacles-Electronic Monitoring Combos
  • High Tech Applications Power /Signal / Electronics
  • Distribution Channels by MFR. with DNC and DRP
  • Motor Disconnects for Industry – with Aux Monitors
  • Mechanical Interlocks -IEC 60309 (Formerly 309) and UL1686-1 Interlock Receptacles
  • NEMA / IEC 60309 Combo Developments Cost with components in use Modifications to interlocking systems for compatibility and fusing techniques with components





Price Guidelines + Structures:

  • Product Pricing- Current Pricing and Studied Cost Structures
  • Studied Transfer Pricing  Europe to US Entities – Plugs, Receptacles, Disconnect Switch Components, and Interlock Receptacles.
  • ++ Prospect Data Base Included for Download ++
  • “Major Prospects” and Key Players are Current as December, 2013
  • Top 150 Current US Users and the products they buy; Plus 1000 ++ Companies, Prospect Data Reports with Contact Names, Titles, Addresses / Telephone and e-address PLUS Competitive Data with price structures, recent inquiries. Furnished in an ACTIVE Database in Formats with conversions of Goldmine, Quote Werks, ACT,CSV,DBF


  • Publication November 17,2015 Only 12 Total Copies to be Sold
  • Single License Price: “On Request”
  • Cannot be Reproduced or Redistributed Without Written Approval
  • Multi License Pricing Available.
  • Price Includes Print Version and a Restricted Electronic Version
  • Includes Prospect Data Base File current Dec 2013. Prospect Data Sheets include ASP and cost structures.
  • Subscription price includes; 2015 quarterly database updates and quarterly consulting services thru 2015.


Reserve your copy today. Distribution is limited and will sell out fast


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