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Phoenix ONE Sales Marketing and Managemetn Consulting Services

Phoenix ONE sales marketing and management solutions are guaranteed

Believe it. Companies guarantee their electrical products and services all the time. Why should marketing be the exception? Successful marketing plugs into needs, connects and motivates, it stirs emotions and creates a 1:1 relationship with prospects and customers. By employing conventional streams, unconventional guerrilla marketing strategies, proven technologies & award-winning creative materials, Phoenix ONE is able to compress your electrical products sales cycle and drive money to your bottom line quicker. After all, it is ALL about sales. Phoenix ONEs Electrical Products sales, marketing, management consulting services can fine tune your organization, your marketing, your channels to market, your business, even launch a new one.

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we know the electrical industry

With over 45 years experience,regardless of product we can provide a great understanding of the electrical marketplace. Manufacturer, distributor, or contractor, Phoenix ONE will assist you in sales, marketing and communications to increase. NEMA or NAED members we can provide a specialized service that not many consulting firms have the ability to perform.

typical electrical industry sales, marketing &  management consulting services offered by Phoenix ONE are

  • New Markets or Product Development
  • Manufacturer Introduction or Product Launch
  • Product Line Expansion
  • Distribution & Channel to Market Analysis
  • Distribution Expansion
  • Manufacturers’ Rep Analysis
  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Market Planning & Implementation Social Media to eDigital Platforms
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Trade Show Assistance
  • Strategic Business Alliances
  • Industrial Marketing Materials

The internet has profoundly changed the way we communicate, interact & purchase. Ten years ago, businesses reached consumers through trade shows, print advertising, blasting emails, cold calling, advertising and other traditional methods.

Today people begin their purchase decisions by searching the internet, using search engines – primarily Google. They are in control of educating themselves on their problems and potential solutions – and they want to keep it that way.

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customers are changing the way they buy,
isn’t it about time you change the way you sell

Phoenix ONE Consulting Services for the Electrical Industry

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