electrical industry complete sales and marketing consulting

are you as an electrical industry company from manufacturer to electrical distributor to international company we can help. . .solutions to grow-01

cable to pipe, wiring devices to enclosures, fittings to switches we know electrical industry marketing, do you. . .

we provide total outsourced marketing services, sales consulting, & management solutions for the electrical industry

 Marketing Consultants That Make a Difference
we dig deep into your business, your market,  your competitors 

Marketing Blueprint Analysis – Phoenix One Sales and Marketing management team will analyze your market, customers, competitors, and sales channels. We will then  review with you and provide a complete analysis of your strengths, weaknesses and competitive pressures. We will also provide recommended tactical and strategic objectives to complete our SWOT Analysis on your company.

As electrical industry sales and marketing consultants we will create a tentative sales plan (including recommendations on your sales platforms) and a marketing blueprint. In your marketing blueprint, Phoenix ONE creates and provides you a variety of approaches to estimating market demand, analyzing buyer behavior, exploring competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating new product ideas. The Sales Plan provides the Roadmap to achieve sales growth.  Phoenix One Sales will match your sales and growth objectives to the right marketing program elements. Business Plans, Sales Plans, Marketing Plans combined to achieve Sales and Marketing Success.

No matter the size of your business, Phoenix ONE provides clients with a complete outsourced marketing department for all their marketing programs, planning and sales strategies. WHY NOT outsource marketing and sales planning. Phoenix ONE’s Sales and Marketing auditor can provide all the help you need in growing your business and creating an ROI marketing program.

We work with you and develop strategic & powerful marketing and sales platforms to build and grow business in the electrical industry.

We understand budget requirements. What good is the best plan, if you cannot afford it ? We understand that fact. We make budgets work!


we find and develop your brand & unique value proposition 

NEXT Differentiation Analysis: To be successful, YOUR company MUST differentiate Itself and YOUR Products from All Other Competitors, thus obtaining a unique position in the marketplace. Phoenix One develops marketing ideas, concepts and materials to provide your company, brands and services a unique place in the market. Why us, Here’s Why →

After all, if you cannot differentiate your products from your competitors’, how do you expect the same of customers, who are much less familiar with your products and services?

 at the end of the day, we create a UNIQUE blend for sweet success

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Marketing Consultants That Make a Difference

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