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Your website is the staple in an e Marketing Program, but without core components to drive qualified traffic to your website you will be missing the big picture. Phoenix ONE will establish a marketing system in which new prospects come in the know about your product/services. Costs for a well planned e marketing strategy are the most cost-effective methods to increase sales and prospective buyers. Can you afford not to have a program in place, attracting buyers or users on a daily basis?


Your emarketing activity should not be employed in isolation, separate from other activities.It must be a part of your company’s overall business development and marketing plan and strategies. With an integrated emarketing program, you will be able to use your website and other on-line activities as key elements which complement and considerably add to your offline marketing and selling activities.

eMarketing is one of the most cost-effective solutions to build and grow your business. With that said, if not done properly, it can have an adverse effect on your ability to communicate with prospects and customers, and in turn drive traffic away.

The resulting powerful combination of the two is your key to success, whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness or your sales promotion activities, increase your sales pipeline, or you wish to improve your customer relationships, Phoenix ONE will develop an e-marketing plan to build, and grow your business. Contact us today for a Free Confidential Business Evaluation 877.934.5447 x84

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers. It is generally cost-effective, and if done properly, can help build brand awareness and loyalty. At a typical cost of only a few cents per message, it’s a bargain compared to traditional direct mail at $1 or more per piece. In addition, response rates on e-mail marketing are strong, ranging from 5 to 35% depending on the industry and format. Response rates for traditional mail averages in the 1 to 3% range.

One of the benefits of e-mail marketing is the demographic information that customers provide when signing up for your e-mail newsletter. Discovering who your customers really are – age, gender, income, and special interests, for example – can help you target your products and services to their needs.


your marketing budget is most effective when it reaches your selected target market with the right message

How do you effectively reach your target audience on the web? Which newsletter or email list should you use? Are you reaching your target audience? How can you get thousands of visitors to your site without breaking the bank?

Having a great product is not enough. Having a great website that delights and motivates the visitor to buy is not enough. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of prospective customers that would like to buy your product right now. But finding these prospective customers and converting them into actual customers is usually costly and time-consuming.

Our experience can help you save time and money. We find your target audience, reach them in a cost-effective manner and create a “fit” between the audience and your marketing message. And because Phoenix One and our partners have well-established relationships with many of the sites and agencies that sell online advertising, we can do this within the limits of your budget.

phoenix one offers many cost-effective ways of transforming members of your target audience into actual paying customers:

YouTube, blogs, white papers, surveys, social media

Creative, design, placement, and marketing through all channels.

E-mail and E-Newsletter Marketing

Permission-based, direct e-mail marketing is an effective and inexpensive method to acquire and retain customers. An e-mail newsletter or advertisement is delivered to a targeted list of subscribers who have indicated they would like to receive e-mail on topics of their interest.

Banner Ad Design and Placement

Design and placement of banner ads provide additional tools to increase qualified traffic to your website and build brand awareness.

Strategic Link Development Program

We acquire free selective links on industry portals and specialty web sites that are dealing with subjects related to your products and services. The links act as permanent advertising on the host site and deliver sustained traffic to your website.

Tracking the Results

Phoenix ONE reports measure the ongoing effectiveness of any message to any target audience. You will know how many subscribers responded to your ad and learn which campaigns resulted in the most visits and sales.

contact us today and discover how emarketing can achieve results for your business

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