CRM Consulting Services and Marketing Solutions

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crm consulting services and marketing solutions

CRM and your business | simple or complex we have a crm consulting and marketing solution

Are you managing details or are the details managing you?

If your sales and marketing staff is like most, they spend a lot of time managing job details when they could be managing customer relationships. CRM Programs speed collection, analysis, and distribution of information. No more data bottlenecks—instead, you can ensure that all personnel are maximizing revenue.

Is there an economical solution for small organizations?

As a mainstream organization, you need every advantage you can get. CRM progams go to work quickly and delivers rapid results right away. Consider how much time your team spends searching for and trading information. Conserve your resources by sharing information organized and automated by us. Your whole team will see the benefits!

Could you make better use of the Web for lead generation?

You worked hard to create your Web site—now make it work for you! Record, track, and analyze information on site visitors, while generating automatic responses. Automated Processes help you instantly deliver qualified leads to your sales team and reduce need for manual follow-up.

Can you analyze your business and understand the revenue flow?

Make more accurate decisions with Management Intelligence functions. Management Intelligence consolidates key sales and marketing metrics into on-screen graphics, which illuminate trends in a flash. Precision reports enable better management of your organization. Manager’s Console displays a heads-up view of key business metrics. Manager’s can create and automate responses to thresholds such as sales volume, quotas, or new leads.

Do you want a solution that will grow as your business grows?

Scalability and flexibility make CRM software ideal for individuals, departmental teams, and small to medium-sized organizations. Whether you start with a simple solution or a complex interface. Our CRM programs will grow as your company does by allowing you to easily expand with your business.

Does your business have unusual challenges?

Phoenix ONE ‘s CRM consulting soltuions are customizable and can be configured to meet the needs of almost any organization regardless of size. Versatile and adaptable, with Phoenix One ‘s Marketing Solutions and CRM Programs, your Company defines the business rules. You create the automated processes. You determine what messages are sent, when, and to whom. Phoenix One Marketing can provide your company TOTAL marketing consulting solutions to grow your business, one customer at a time.

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