our constant contact marketing platform in detail

let us handle all your email marketing, we do the work, you get the results. . .

Learn how Phoenix ONE’s unique email manager using Constant Contact ® allows you to easily build your email list, create and send professional email campaigns, and track your campaign results instantly. Phoenix ONE does the work, You get the results. Phoenix ONE will create, manage and send regular messages to your customers, channel partners, distributors, even your sales reps using Constant Contact to keep in touch with your audience. ccpartner_logo



phoenix one,  your email marketing department and manager for small & mid-sized businesses

Constant Contact ® marketing makes it easy for small businesses to realize the many benefits of email marketing. Constant Contact marketing saves valuable time and resources by helping small businesses build their customer and site visitor database, and by creating and delivering professional email campaigns. It is an affordable and highly effective means for acquiring and retaining customers and increasing profitability.

Step 1: we build, manage & maintain your marketing list

  • WE Review and Assist in Building your email database
  • WE Add a “Join my list” option to your website
  • WE Easily import in-house permission-based lists
  • WE Can Rent a 100% opt-in list
  • WE Add Customized Visitor sign-up
  • Add interest preferences
  • Collect name, address and more
  • Select which fields are optional and mandatory
  • Customize your sign up message


Step 2: we design, create, manage and send your constant contact email campaigns & newsletters

Step-by-step we make it easy to do email Marketing:

  • WE develop, create & execute your complete email marketing
  • WE create your PERSONALIZED & UNIQUE email message and branding
  • WE select your target audience and set the delivery date
  • WE add product images and trackable links to your website
    • Newsletters
    • Technical and Product Updates
    • Messages to Your Reps, Channel Partners
    • Messages to Your Distributors
    • Announcements and Invitations
    • Product Promotions and Coupons
    • Service Announcements
    • Press Releases
    • Seasonal & Holiday Promotions
    • and many more!

Step 3: we track the results and with assist in the sales process and conversion

Reporting Screen Shot, We Measure your campaign’s effectiveness

  • Watch your subscriber count grow
  • Find out how many subscribers opened your emails
  • Learn which subscribers clicked on those links
  • Plus – We compare our results with other small businesses



Phoenix ONE creates and manages your entire targeted marketing campaign and can create a specialized website landing page, local search, even special telephone call lines to assist your marketing and sales growth. Your entire campaign is measurable for ROI. After all, it is about results.

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