business and marketing plans, who needs them? you do!

one call, one source for all your needs – business and marketing plans + full consulting services 


phoenix one consultants provide

sales planning, marketing innovations, and management solutions for any size business, including startups and entrepreneurs.  We are a full-line consulting firm and marketing agency providing unique ,innovative, and affordable solutions. We provide a specialized methodology to look inside your business and into your market, and then develop methods to grow sales and improve your position and business.

Unlike other consultants or marketing firms, we don’t only suggest methods, we develop plans and strategies, and then we work with you and for you.

we will never leave you with a plan, a hope and a bill. . . we do the work you get the results.

We fuse new technologies with our creative marketing, sales strategies, and management experience to create the ideal conditions for your business development and growth. Phoenix ONE is the ultimate platform to jump-start business and sales or create an outsourced resource for your current and future needs.

Phoenix ONE can handle your day-to-day marketing requirements, and develop unique strategic sales opportunities for your business. We can create simple to complex business plan, and execute full to partial marketing campaigns and programs for your business. All sized companies, regardless of the industry can benefit from a Phoenix ONE ‘s Free Marketing Consultation and Marketing Audit conducted via phone, our offices, or your place of business.

we put the pieces together and grow YOUR Business

How does our process begin? The way all relationships should begin;

We attentively listen to you and immerse ourselves in your business and market.

Our business review methods begin with an in-depth marketing, management, and a sales discovery process in which we ask you many thought-provoking questions about your business. We then build your sales and marketing program on a solid foundation of strategy and planning, combined with appropriate brand awareness activity and account management functionality. The capstone phase of Phoenix One’s methodology is then provided in the lead generation phase. With this proven methodology, Phoenix ONE Sales. Marketing + Communication gives you the tools to dramatically increase your customer and/or revenue base.

We subscribe to the concept that states; to properly and fully assist any client, Phoenix ONE Sales, Marketing and Management must fully ascertain a client’s sales, marketing, and organizational needs. Our engagement centers on your current needs and future wants. Phoenix ONE conducts exploratory meetings with you, and we will take the time, at our expense, to uncover those immediate needs within your company. We must determine; can we develop for YOU, a marketing plan, sales plan, and business strategies to produce company growth with ROI on your marketing investments that we propose. Our aim is to supply services with only one goal, your success.

Unlike many consulting firms, our egos never get in the way of producing for you the most cost-effective solutions to meet your goals.

we know, if we don’t create value for you, we are no value to you

 team up Whatever marketing, sales or organizational issues you wish to address, Phoenix ONE Sales, Marketing + Communications is happy to discuss these with you, and present our ideas and proposals to increase sales and organize your marketing efforts.

Phoenix ONE works with clients to develop and expand their existing sales and marketing activities to deliver improved business performance


contact us today for a free confidential consultation 877.934.5447 x84

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