Bill Simmel Speaking and Motivational Sales Discussion 

Are you looking to build a mission-ready culture of competence and confidence in your organization to overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and break performance barriers in this tough economy, then have Bill Simmel speaking and motivational sales discussions at your next meeting and watch your team reach new heights!


Selling in a difficult economy is truly a mindset. To accomplish your business goals, your team must be able to see themselves in possession of that which we desire. When we fail, it is because we have lost sight of these principles. They must understand their “comfort zone” and allow themselves to expand that zone and many times “get out of their own way”. Your Invitation To:


Bill Simmel Speaking Engagements

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Bill Simmel will demonstrate how top producers view themselves.

Bill Simmel can offer your team and staff a truly motivational discussion on selling and gaining a winning edge ( 4 hour or full day session).

Bill Simmel Speaking Sales Training

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Or, Bill Simmel‘s 2018 Motivational Series for Todays’ Marketplace (1 or  2 Hour Speaking Engagement) Guest Speaking That Makes a Difference. . .

Imagine the Godfather running your sales team! Imagine how comfort zones and sales techniques would change. Motivate your sales team with this hands-on guest speaker, and this fun action packed topic. Bill Simmel will do just that, Get Your Sales Team Out There and Motivated.

Bill Simmel Motivational Speaking

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contact Bill Simmel 877-934-5447 ext 84  to discuss speaking at your next event or at your company


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