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PHP  (Practical Hands on Professional)

Besides working for major corporations, Bill Simmel lived the entrepreneur cycle from turn-key startup (no paychecks) to a successful exit (cashing in the big stack of chips). As a serial entrepreneur, with over 46 years’ experience he enjoys working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and c-level managers in all phases of their business challenges. 

“There are too many “keyboard experts”  giving business advice via seminars, blogs, and books without any hands-on experience in real world business. Most of these wannapreneurs have never started a business, let alone had responsibility for P & L.  The social media world and consulting firms are amuck with these wordpreneurs and text-book advisors.   It is essential to any business seeking advice to have a resource that has experience with the problems and issues in starting, growing and maintaining a company and can get you unstuck.” 

Bill Simmel has created 6 very successful startups and even “retired” far too early! Today, his passion is working with all size businesses, CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs to assist in moving their businesses forward. He truly loves what he does and does what he loves.  Bill currently sits on the board of 4 corporations and the board of a not-for-profit organization. You may try to catch him speaking at associations, colleges, chamber groups and SBA functions or contact him for business coaching or speaking engagements. 

Before Phoenix. . .

Phoenix ONE ‘s Founder, Bill Simmel is a true practical “hands-on” professional with 46 years business experienceBill Simmel has a unique insight into what makes businesses run, and what makes companies stall. Simmel began his career and worked 16 + years in various sales, marketing, and management positions with the Fortune 100 Corporations, Gulf & Western Industries, and Pullman-Kellogg. Starting as an inside sales rep, he rapidly worked his way through the corporate ladder to senior management of a manufacturing division. He consistently prodded senior corporate managers and various business owners on the “why things” were done a certain way. He valued and learned the historical lessons these senior executives had experienced. He developed a keen sense for the ecological system of markets and industries. He found mentors who worked during the prior 40 years and absorbed their experiences and applied that to current issues. Learning to modify, improve, and develop new methods to old problems became his industry education.Bill_Simmel CEO Phoenix ONE His career started pre-hi-tech, and today he lectures and speaks on Web 3.0 business platforms. He worked with executives who ran businesses during the 1930’s and valued what they taught him. Today some of his trusted colleagues are leaders at Google and other leading tech companies. As he states, “I have spanned, learned, and enjoyed the generational divides for yesterdays’ issues for today’s relevancy and value.  ”Deciding it was time. . .

In 1984, Bill Simmel started his first business startup in the industrial electrical products market. Bill Simmel solely planned, developed, and founded that B2B startup which marketed products throughout North America to OEM’s, distributors, and direct to Fortune 500 end users. He also personally developed unique private brand labeling agreements with two Fortune 200 Companies. His company’s direct expansion into international markets was also extremely successful. He later founded two additional synergistic companies.

During this same period, Bill Simmel served on the advisory board of a large, very stagnant, and truly, market challenged German multinational company. Simmel advised on matters of product development, employee training, market growth, and strategic business expansions. His out of the box thinking led to that company’s unique expansion. Bill Simmel ‘s contributions to that German company provided its dynamic growth and global market expansion in Europe, UK, South Africa, South America, and the Far East including China. In starting that first company in 1984, Simmel encountered and successfully conquered the plan, build, develop, and grow phases all startup companies’ experience.He has a true capacity and the ability to develop organizations and markets. Bill Simmel solely managed it as COO for 16 years acquiring 26% Market Share and a 31% EBITA. Building a very successful company from scratch had its’ price, Simmel felt “burned out”. The things that inspired him were now consumed with running a corporation not building a business. The things he loved – building the company were lost with the continual factors of running it. As he states you can hire “people to do the stuff”, but you constantly feel they cannot do it as well as you.

Success had its price; Bill lost his love of that business. In 2000, Bill retired and very successfully transferred his equity and sought full retirement at the age of 50! As he states, “the more successful the company became, the more my role changed . . . the things I wanted to do within the business were overshadowed by the requirements of being CEO & running the business . . . it was time to retire”. I felt it was time to “cash in the chips” and start enjoying the spoils of 33 years of work.
















 Phoenix Rises – rekindling the Spirit

Late 2001 Bill learned something “new”… “Competitive Business Juices Can Never Retire; and, “There Is Only So Much Time You Can Spend on Your Boat or Ski Slope”, seeing the need to rekindle business challenges and entrepreneurial spirit became quite evident. Bill states, “all I met in retirement were ‘old people’, I decided it was time to do what I love and love what I do.”

Simmel’ s desire to find a business vehicle and combine a life of experiences with current business relevancy, and fulfill distinctive business needs for clients, directed Bill Simmel to start a new business venture, Phoenix ONE. If you read about our brand defined you will understand its’ meaning.Imagine doing what you love, getting paid, and not having the pressures of a business startup. This provides the ability to focus on the client’s needs, provide unique solutions, and work WITH the client to achieve mutual success. In turn, Phoenix ONE signifies a rising from the ashes with a renewed spirit of direction and energy.

As his clients will tell you, Bill is the “youngest old guy” you will ever meet.

Today in 2018, Phoenix ONE has provided management and marketing services for over 120 companies throughout 28 states in the US, to multi-national companies in Canada, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan, and Korea. One client has revenues over $4 billion and a group of Phoenix ONE’s clients are pure sole proprietor business startups. Phoenix ONE ‘s and Bill Simmel’s staff and associates are true business seasoned professionals who provide their unique expertise to the specific needs of companies. Since 2004, besides Phoenix ONE, Bill has started 4 other successful startups in electronics, distribution, and consumer goods.

Bill’s unique selling skills workshop “Clients for Life, not Customers for Price” ™ goes beyond a skills workshop for all sized companies. Bill Simmel speaks at numerous Chambers of Commerce Events, SCORE Workshops, Business Seminars, and SBA Programs on his “How To Plant and Grow a Business”, “Clients for Life not Customers for Price ™”, “Guerrilla Marketing is for Monkeys, Become a Lion in Your Market ™”, and “My Business is Stuck, How to Hit The Unstuck Button” – all our workshops  entertain, motivate, and educate on client relationships, time/energy management,  sales, marketing, and managing business.

Bill also provides individual and group services as a Business Coach for entrepreneurs, managers as well as corporate executives & corporate speaking as well as SBA, and college entrepreneur workshops.

Bill Simmel Founder Phoenix ONEBill Simmel founded Phoenix ONE rekindling a truly unique competitive spirit in rising from “Burned Out Ashes”: He founded Phoenix ONE on the principals of integrity to its clients, and a work ethic unchallenged. “Every client engagement will get our best”. We partner with our clients to develop strategic sales and marketing plans for success. Phoenix ONE and our staff and associates will rise to the challenge of increasing your sales and profits and will define your strategic positions for growth.

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