INsights: Lottery Marketing, Click Jackpots “Dream On”
by Bill Simmel

April 22nd, 2014   •   Comments Off on INsights: Lottery Marketing, Click Jackpots “Dream On”
by Bill Simmel
INsights: Lottery Marketing, Click Jackpots<i> “Dream On” </I><BR> by Bill Simmel

we’re back baby, look at those clicks. . .

You may be dreaming if you believe all those clicks mean you hit the marketing lottery jackpot! Wake up, shake out those cob webs, rub those sleepy eyes and get real. Take a look at this video and get a grasp on clicks and how they may not be what you think.

Marketing definitely has a creative & development side, from writing snappy copy, to designing eye-catching visuals, to launching innovative ad campaigns, marketing is sexy. But in this digital age, in which data and its analytics are increasingly becoming the de facto language of the marketing (and sales) scorecard within organizations. Common sense has started to take a backseat to THE numbers. Far too many organizations and their people are placing an unlikely trust in their big data. The view from 30,000 feet is easy,; few like to drill down and peek behind the curtain to have their “hearts broken” by the real world

Bill Simmel Blog Man Behind the Curtain Marketing

What does that mean for marketing departments and entrepreneurs trying to increase sales, engagement and branding? Close your PowerPoint and start analysing data in the REAL WORLD. Come to terms with the fact that NOT EVERY CLICK MEANS YOU HIT THE JACKPOT. I cannot tell you how many times I am told by prospective clients, “I have so many hits (clicks) that my website is really reaching my target customers”. My rant to those people does go on for about 20 minutes about how misinformed and are gaining a false sense of marketing security. When I do not “do the rant”, I simply state, that is great sales are going through the roof. To which the response is always, “well not really”!

Know your audience: it’s “Marketing 101”. (In fact, it’s SHOULD BE the first lesson of the first class.) Who is buying or utilizing your product, service or platform? Even businesses that don’t meticulously record this information are at least aware of their customer base — it’s simply common sense.  What I call DP (Demographic Profiling) is key to determining your web-ability. And but all means you must determine – is your traffic converting to engagement and sales.

Where are your clicks coming from Geo, Campaigns, Keywords, Page Views Time on Site, the possiblities with Google Analytics  are endless. But it takes a trained and knowledgable marketing team to take “the deep dive” into your “clicks” to determine what is really going on with your site, marketing, and of course real traffic. Are your offsite sales & marketing efforts driving traffic to your landing pages and increasing engagement and sales?  You need to peek behind that curtain and then get help. Don’t simply click (no pun intended) your heels 3 times and chant there’s no place like home.

– Bill Simmel

we’re Internet ready, are you ?  

If you are not sure what this all means, maybe it is time to call in the experts. Phoenix ONE can take your big data and deep dive to make certain what you see is what you’re getting.

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